about thestealthcrew


film production without the production.

thestealthcrew (TSC) is a concept as much as it is an entity. It's a way of working, an attitude and a philosophy.

Small footprints can make big impacts.

Limitations are oftentimes advantages.

Effective storytelling need not close down the Interstate highway.

Never doubt the power of a piece of work that feels honest and true.

TSC is a production company AND an independent content outlet founded in Echo Park by Director Jason House and Producer Cesar Vega. We don't make commercials, documentaries, television shows, or films in the label sense. We work on projects that we find amusing, entertaining, interesting, challenging, educational and fun.

We take our relationships with our clients and our client's unique challenges seriously, and it shows in the number of them who keep coming back. One of the most valuable things we provide is our objectivity — an honest, fresh-take on their challenges and resourceful and 'stealthy' ways in which to solve their problems.

We live by the axiom that if there is no solution, there is no problem.

Well, that and a nice bourbon now and then. Drop by and say Hi!

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